1. Both teams have 5 players and play on the map Crystal Scar (aka Dominion Map)
  2. Champ Selection is in Random Mode.
  3. Everytime you spawn, you go on the botlane, you are not allowed to leave it until you die.
  4. Healing at spawn is never allowed.
  5. The summoner spells Revive, Promote and Garnison are not allowed.
  6. Guardians Angel is not allowed.
  7. Suiciding to turret/minions is never allowed. If you do, you may not buy anything.
  8. You are not allowed to capture any tower but the two bot towers.
  9. You win by destroying the enemy nexus.

Optional Rules (only used if said so before start)

  • Healing at base may be allowed, when the enemy controls both turrets.