What is this?

Annihilation is a new gamemode based on the Evil Twin ruleset, similar to Brothers n Arms. It's currently under development. Basically it's BnA with different scoring (+3|+2|+1) instead of (+2|-3|+1).

In physics, annihilation means a particle and his antiparticle destroying each other. Well, that's what you should do.


  1. The ten players play on the map Crystal Scar (aka Dominion Map). They form 5 teams, each has 1 Player from Team 1 and 1 Player (his "brother") from Team 2, so it's recommended to join the game with a premade.
  2. Going back to base IS allowed.
  3. Capturing points is not allowed.
  4. It is NOT allowed to play every champion. Look at THIS list to see who's not allowed.
  5. You and your brother only have one objective: Kill each other, but don't let others get assists.
  6. After (15/20/30) minutes, everyone surrenders the game.
  7. Now each team gets +3 points for every kill (the last hit counts) they got, +1 for every assist, and +2 for every death.
  8. The team with the most points has won the game.

Optional rules (being tested for development)

  • The summoner spells Ghost and Revive may be banned.


  • If you are premade, you should use Skype, Teamspeak or something like that. If not, whisper (/w) your brother at gamestart, so you can chat fast with /r.