Just some ideas how to play this:

The Last Hit

Try to get it. Don't just go rambo and fight 1v1, better search for low-hp players and then nuke them.

This gamemode depends a lot on your ks-skill :D

If your brother has low hp, better kill him. If he's gonna die anyway, you lose 3 points if you help him, but you lose only 1 (= +2 -3) point if you kill him.

Be a troll

Ok, let's assume there are 2 players, and you. Player A is in the same 5-team as you, and is chased by Player B, who is in the other team, but not your brother. Seems like A could escape.

Start attacking Player B. Player A will turn around, cause he thinks you both can kill him.

When A can't escape anymore, just stop attacking B. Just let them fight, A dies, he loses 3 points, B gets 2.

Now B has low hp. Nuke him. 2 points for you, 3 less for him. A has 5 and B 3 points less compared to you.

If you just killed B, he had 5 less compared to you, and A 0. This is especially a good strategy when A is then one with the most points. You are now 5 points closer to his stats, cause he really thought you would help him =).

Type "problem?" in chat.

Don't run in crowd

It can happen that all players from blue team are dead, so you others just run around cause you can't attack each other. Among you is as Wukong that already got 12-2-5 'cause he lasthits EVERYTHING. If you run like zergs now, you will just nuke every blue player down. That's bad. Wukong will win the game then, cause he gets the most lasthits this way.

Instead, just go away from the one with the most kills. If you others run in group, but he runs solo, the blue players will hunt him.

Be a ninja or a tank

If you don't want to get killed before you can collect assists/kills, you have two options:

  1. You are fast, hide in brushes, and wait until you can assissante a low-hp.
  2. You build really tanky, so nobody wants to attack you. If someone does, others might kill him before you die.