What is this?

Brothers n Arms is a new gamemode based on the Evil Twin ruleset. It's currently under development, and we're testing some additions to the rules to make it more fun. When you play it, you could use one of those additional rulesets: Addition A | Addition B.

Being good at this gamemode actually requires more skill and thinking than it does for other gamemodes, so it might help you to read this GUIDE.


  1. The ten players play on the map Crystal Scar (aka Dominion Map). They form 5 teams, each has 1 Player from Team 1 and 1 Player (his "brother") from Team 2, so it's recommended to join the game with a premade.
  2. When you spawn, you leave the base and are not allowed to return to it until you die. (No going back!)
  3. Capturing points is not allowed.
  4. You and your brother have two objectives: Survive, and kill the other teams.
  5. Guardians Angel is not allowed.
  6. After (20/30/40) minutes, everyone surrenders the game.
  7. Now each team gets 2 point for every kill (the last hit counts) they got, 1 for every assist, and lose 3 points for every death (So you can have negative points).
  8. The team with the most points has won the game.


  • If you are premade, you should use Skype, Teamspeak or something like that. If not, whisper (/w) your brother at gamestart, so you can chat fast with /r.
  • You can't damage your allies. So your brother has to kill them, while you attack his allies. Try not to accidentally damage him with AE.
  • Using support abilities only helps your enemies. The usual support champions are bad picks in general.
  • Spells that move your enemy have a totally different use here. Blitzcrank can grab his brother with Q out of danger, Tristana can shoot him with her Ultimate (dealing heavy damage though).
  • If your brother is tanky, you can heal from him with lifesteal or spellvamp or abilities that have similar effects
  • Frozen Heart, Abyssal Scepter, Sunfire Cape and Zeke's have negative aura effects. Those also work on your brother, so they're worse in this gamemode.
  • If your brother is going to die anyway, kill him. If you are both going to die, double-suicide. Why? This way, you also get a kill (half of the points lost for the death), so its only half as bad.


This mode was invented by Dyrill in February 2012.