This is another attempt to make a good gamemode out of CTB..

Test-version 3 (now with all buffs, free killing, and capturing at base).

What is this?

Capture the Buff is a new gamemode, currently under development. Basically it's similar to Capture the Flag in shooters, with the red buff and blue buff as flags.


  1. The ten players play on the map Summoner's Rift.
  2. Champ selection is in Draft Mode.
  3. The violet team is not allowed to kill it's own red buff, the blue team is not allowed to kill it's own blue buff.
  4. The violet team's goal is to capture the blue buffs, the blue team captures the red buffs.
  5. You ARE NOT allowed to get killed by a turret or minion, except if Rule 10 says so. If you do the enemy gets 1 point.
  6. Healing at base IS allowed.
  7. Warding IS allowed, you are also allowed to buy anything except snowball items.
  8. Each team got to have ar least one CV, and one must be ready anytime.
  9. You now ARE allowed to get experience from the death of everything.
  10. When two players of one team are standing at your nexus, carrying both enemy flags, their team gets 2 points. Enemies can check with CV now. Both have to suicide at an enemy turret now, the other team is not allowed to stop them or steal the kill (or 1 point penalty). If someone else is carrying a buff of the same color ('cause there can be more than 2 buffs if its passed around), he has to suicide with them. ALL BUFFS OF THIS COLOR MUST BE REMOVED.
  11. When one team reaches 10 points, it wins and finishes the game. Also after 25 minutes the team with most points wins.