Death to Death
Death to Death Arena
Death to Death Arena


Death to Death


Crystal Scar


All Random

Team Size

Optimally 3x3 to 4x4


30 minutes

Death to Death is a 1 versus 1 arena type gamemode.

General Rules

  • Optimal Team Size: 3x3 or 4x4;
  • The game should be played within All Random Pick Mode;
  • You may not capture points in this game mode;
  • The game ends at 30 min, the team with more kills wins. If both teams have the same score at 30, the last fight decides the winner.
  • The losing team surrenders.

Battle Rules

  • 1 player from each team leaves their base at a time;
  • You may fight inside the arena specified in the Infobox above. You may go to the top part of it, but you can't use any of those bushes, and the only health relic you should collect is the center one;
  • if you win the fight you stay and fight the next enemy, you stay till you die. no going back to base.
  • At the start of the game, both teams decide who goes first. Further decisions are based upon the player standing in the battlefield. After the first round, the order stays. This means that if one team send Lux, Garen and Mordekaiser during the first round, they must keep sending those champions in that order for the rest of the game;
  • While its not your turn you are allowed to help as long as you dont leave the base (going down the steps is okay but dont step outside). So Karthus ultimate or Ashe are always allowed, pantheon only when its his turn and shen only if he could interupt the teleport.
  • All spells and items are allowed.

join chatroom .d2d to find other players for this mode.