What is Epic Slayer?Edit

     Epic Slayer is a Fast-Paced, Action-Packed Meta Game centered around Slaying the Dragon and Baron Nashor for Team Points - filled with Jungle Skirmishes, Smite-Steals, Invades, Lane-Ganks, and Ward-Wars!

How to Win:Edit

  • Slay Dragon for 1 Point or Baron for 2 Points

    • 3v3: 4 Pts to Win
    • 2v2: 3 Pts to Win
    • 1v1: 2 Pts to Win

Upon Scoring, Teams should announce the Score in the format Blue-Score : Red-Score


Team Size: 1-3, depending on Mode (3's is the most Stable)

Draft Mode on Summoner’s Rift

You can Buy Any Item, take any Spell, and go Anywhere, EXCEPT:

  • You must take Smite
  • You CAN NOT:
    • DAMAGE, Buff, Debuff, Shield or Heal Minions Minions Outside of Your Base
    • Use Items or Auras around Minions that would Do the Above (Sunfire Cape or Baron Buff in lane, etc.)
    • Attack Structures (Towers, Inhibitors, and Nexus)
    • play Kha’Zix, Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Cho’Gath, or Nidalee and (IF 7800 IP) the Newest Champion
  • You CAN:
    • Farm Jungle, Kill Enemy Champions & Pets, and Leech Lane Minions
    • Buy, Place, and Destroy Wards
    • Damage Minions if used for Utility (like Jax's Leap-Strike) or Hit as By-Standers (Team-Fight) if in Life-or-Death Situations
    • Tower-Dive and Invade


  • Leeching is getting XP Without Interfering with Minions; however, You can Fight Enemy Leechers
  • Leechers should take to Mid Lane & Bot Lane, as they're closer to Dragon; Gold Coin isn't a bad buy
  • Once hitting Level 6, Leeching falls off and Players should transition to Roaming

It’s best to have a combination of the 2 rather than 3 Junglers or 3 Leechers

The Losing Team Surrenders upon Loss unless both decide otherwise.

Should a Player be missing, Teams should be balanced by Sitting Out Players until Balance is restored, or end the Match.Edit

Epic Slayer was originally named Jungle Wars and was created by Shard1771 in August, 2013
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