What is this?

The Evil-Twin Ruleset is a new way of playing custom gamemodes, some awesome gamemodes listed in this wiki are based on it. Instead of making two teams of 5 players, the players group in 5 teams of two players, each consists of one player from the blue and one from the violet team (your evil twin, 'cause he is you, just hostile).

Basic Rules

  1. Before game start, pairs of one player from Team 1 and one from Team 2 are made. These are "brothers" now, the Teams get named (own names, or just 1-5).
  2. Champ Selection is in Blind Mode.
  3. Brothers should be able to communicate with each other in private, f.e. by whispering, skype or ts.
  4. The game ends after a time limit, or a stats limit, all have to surrender then.
  5. After the game, stats are calculated depending on the gamemode, and the teams are ranked from 1 to 5.