1. Both teams have 3 - 5 players and play on the map Summoners Rift.
  2. Champ Selection is in Draft Mode.
  3. The game is played in 4 rounds, there's always a seeking and a hiding team, at the beginning the blue team seeks, and should go to the visible center of the map before 1:00.
  4. Now the hiding team has 40 seconds to hide. Then the seekers start searching for them.
  5. The hiders are not allowed to use stuns, snares and spells that only do dmg, but don't help them escape. Knockbacks and pulls are allowed, but knock-ups aren't. Autoattacks are not allowed, even if they slow. Vision-Spells (like Maokai's E) and Taunt (like Shen's E) is allowed.
  6. The hiders may also not auto-attack the seekers. It shouldn't be possible to kill the seekers.
  7. When a hider dies, he has to stay in his base until the next round begins.
  8. When all hiders died, all port back to base. The time from the "go" until now is written in chat. Now the hiders become seekers, and the seekers hiders. The seekers go mid and the next round starts.
  9. After round 2, everyone is allowed to buy anything at base, except wards.
  10. The hiders are not allowed to cross the midlane after the "go".
  11. The summoner spells Teleport and Clairvoyance are not allowed.
  12. The champions Teemo, Twitch and Eve are not allowed to be picked.
  13. Don't go on lane to leech experience from minions and don't attack jungle creeps.
  14. After round 4, both blue seeking times are added, and both violet seeking times. The team with the lowest time wins.


The original inventor of the mode is unknown, this version was developed by Dyrill and Juli94 in March 2012.