The rules

If you use customlol in the name of your game, please use the rules at this wiki. For most gamemodes you got optional rules, you as the host decides if they're used or not, but please tell the players before. When a new player joins, post a link to the rules (like for all catch veigar), to make sure everyone has them when you start.

Finding players

When new players join your game, tell them not to leave or keep them busy somehow:). Otherwise, they will think "it's gonna take too long to start, only 4 players already", leave, 10 seconds later the next idiot joins, thinks the same and the game will never start.

To find players, you can also join the "customlol"- chat channel.

Before you start, make sure all know the rules, best ask each one once, cause there's always this stupid kid who asks ingame "this is not all mid all random?oO".


We suggest naming the game either

"Gamemode minLvL"


"[Gamemode short] minLvL+ customlol ruleset"

Examples: A game of All Catch Veigar Crystal Scar with minimum level 25:

"All Catch Veigar Crystal Sc25" (cant be full name cause of max. characters)


"[ACVCS] 25+ customlol ruleset"

New players won't understand the 2nd, but the advantage is that all custom gamemodes start with "[", so you can find them first in the list.