This game mode is inspired by Hide and Seek, as well as that dueling thingy for objective goal. These are the Original Rules and may be subject to change.

Map: Crystal Scar

Champion Select: Draft recommended, other modes as desired.

Number of Players: 5v5

Rules in BriefEdit

Teams take turns hunting each other. Hunted team can't B but can fight back. When all the Hunted team dies, roles reverse. Hunted team controls Top Point for scoring. Game ends when a team reaches 0 capture (natural game's end).

Starting the GameEdit

Blue team (Left) starts as Hunters, Purple Team (Right) starts as Hunted. At 1:20 the Hunted must proceed to the top point immediately without delaying to purchase items with additional gold earned. The Hunters must remain in base* until the Hunted capture the Top Point. At that point, the Hunters are released.

*Base is defined as the circle area on top of the nexus. Players who wander into the stairs are considered outside of the base.

Playing the GameEdit

The Hunters' job is to kill all of the Hunted. The Hunted cannot go back to base until they die and once they die they must remain in base and not use any skills that affect the game until the rest of their team is dead. The Hunters may go back and respawn as much as they like.

Switching SidesEdit

Once all of the Hunted are dead, they must remain in base until the Hunters capture the Top Point. Once the Hunters capture that point they then become the Hunted and can no longer go back to base for any reason. Once capture of the top point begins it must be completed in one shot without pausing at the Neutral point. Afterwards anyone involved in its capture may go back immediately to purchase items and then return quickly to the field.


If the hunters accidentally capture the spawn point while one or more of the hunted are still alive then they must all return to base immediately and allow the hunted to recapture the capture point.  Once it is captured they may return to play. 

Victory ConditionsEdit

Game continues until a team's nexus is destroyed due to natural causes.


Twin Shadows item (That makes ghosts) is banned.

Eve and Twisted Fate are permanently banned and cannot be taken ever, even without being chosen as one of the bans.

Clairvoyance and Garrison are banned from selection.

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