1. Both teams have 5 players and play on the map Summoners Rift.
  2. Champ Selection is in Draft Mode.
  3. Players can be King, Soldier or Pawn. There's only one king in the game, and only soldier per team.
  4. The King and the Pawns are not allowed to port back to base, and they may not cross a lane when minions are in experience-leech-range. They can jungle though.
  5. A team gets a point when it has the King, and he kills an enemy (he needs to get the last hit).
  6. If the King dies, all have to stop fighting immediately, and port back to base. The enemy who killed the King is the new King. He names two players from different teams, who will be the new soldiers.
  7. A king is not allowed to have any items but boots.
  8. You can't be soldier twice in a row. Soldiers can farm at mid-lane, and port back whenever they want.
  9. Nobody is allowed to attack a tower. They can be pushed by minions though.
  10. If the King gets a kill by global ultimate (f.e. Karthus), it doesn't count. If the King gets killed by a global ultimate, he remains king, but all port back like in rule 6.
  11. The team that reaches 7 points first wins the game. Surrender to finish.


The mode came originally from a german post in the EUW forums. This version has slightly different rules, and was developed by Juli94 in March 2012.