1.   Both teams have 5 players and play on the map Crystal Scar.

2.   Champ Selection is in Draft Mode, with only melee champions available, excluding Gangplank, Shaco, Evelynn, Shen, Pantheon, Kayle and Nocturne.

3.   One team is the Offense, the other the Defense. 

4.   The 5 towers are called the bases, the top one being home, the others numbered clockwise(Windmill is Home/5th, Drill is 1st, Boneyard is 2nd, so on, so on).

5.   The Offense players form a queue at the home-base. The first one is called The Batter, the second one is called The Ball. This order is maintained throughout the game.

6.   Each Defense player stands at one base. The one at the home-base is called The Catcher. The Ball can stand in one of the red marked areas (see image).

7.   The round begins when the Batter attacks the catcher (with an autoattack or ability, he should use CC).

8.   Now the Batter and all Offense players standing on a base already are allowed to run clockwise in the ring until the round ends. All Defense players are allowed to run now too. They are not allowed to attack Offense players that are still standing in the queue. Don't kill anyone!

9.   Only the Batter and the Ball are allowed to attack Defense players.

10. The round ends when the Ball gets damage from an autoattack (shields must be broken first). All Offense players who are standing between bases go back to the queue and count as out. The Ball becomes the new Batter, and the first Offense player in queue becomes the new Ball. The round starts again from step 6.

11. When the Ball reaches a blue marked area (see image), all Offense players (except those in queue of course) are allowed to run an extra base . the ball must run to blue area.

12. When a player manages to run around the entire ring and get back to the home-base, their team scores a point.

13. When three players are out, or 4 Offensive players are on bases, the inning ends. Now the Offense becomes the Defense, the Defense becomes the Offense, and the game starts again from Part 5.

14. After the 5th (Back-and-Forth) inning, the game ends and the team with most points wins.