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  • Chiachichang

    customLoLwikia Pause

    December 14, 2013 by Chiachichang

    Hello all, 

    I have made my own wikia that I will link at the bottom of this, and yes I will no longer be doing any of the hints/rules here anymore, I will move them to my new wikia and will remove all the rules from this blog, 

    The reason for this being, there are no countinously active admins that edit/I can trust to deal with spam and haters, so I have decided to make my own wikia where I can get rights to delete and ban haters, this will allow me to post more info and also be able to ban haters without having to contact wikia staff. 

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  • Chiachichang

    Hints (1-4)

    December 13, 2013 by Chiachichang


    Your next hint is here a countinouation of the last one 

    Who am I?

    I am a bug 

    I eat other bugs and plants

    I am a sport and a bug (spug) 

    WHO AM I?!?!?!??! 

    Next hint with the map comes tommorrow 

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  • Chiachichang

    Due to the fact the rules are comming together very quickly, I will be relasing the rules on 12/18! (I week early) Also, heres your 2nd tip countinuation of first

    I am a sug (2 words combined)  I eat other bugs and plants, I start with a C. 

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  • Chiachichang


    December 11, 2013 by Chiachichang

    Hello Custom Game Fans, I am releasing a new custom game officially on 12/25 and will be giving a couple of spoilers and I am looking for beta testers. Contact me on the NA server username: chiachichang. 

    Every 2~3 days I will give a picture/a riddle for parts of the name game/rules

    If you are intrested for fully to help me with this all the way to the end, please contact me on the NA server and several requriments are required.  Contact me for more info

    You may not meet the requirements and still be elligble, I get the last call.


    I am an organism, my name starts with c, I eat bugs and plants. 

    (Part 2 of this tip countinues in 2 days!, keep checking) 

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  • Chiachichang

    Crystal Scar Draft Racing

    Based off of Draft Racing on Summoners Rift.

    Host Notes: Crystal Scar-Draft Mode 

    Original Rules (Draft Racing Meta) 

    ALL teams MUST have 2 runners 2 defenders and 1 roamers. However, all positions may do anything but each group much take blame for a problem. 

    Your Position must be declared before 2:00 in game. 

    3 Turret Cap Maximimum 

    To score you require to be executed by the nexus spawn turret.

    The first team to 10 points. 

    50 Points lost on enemy gives 1 point. 

    Crystal Scar Racing Extra Rules

    At the beginning of each game, colect as many turrets as you can  This can also be a viable time to quickly run to get some points. 

    Runners: In Crystal Scar Draft Racing, since you need to be executed extreme speed is required. Steā€¦

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